SHORT COURSE DETAILS                                                   
  • PROGRAM: Shariah Audit for Islamic Financial Institutions
  • DURATION: 2 working days or 12 hours (excluding breaks)
  • INSTRUCTOR / FACILITATOR: Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman
  1. Explain and critically discuss the needs for Shariah audit
  2. Explore the approach in developing Shariah audit framework
  3. Guide the process in developing Shariah audit programmes
  4. Explain the process of reporting Shariah audit findings.
Discuss some practical case studies on Shariah audit. 
  • PROGRAM: Tax and Zakat for Agropreneurs
  • DURATION: 2 Day
  • INSTRUCTOR / FACILITATOR: Dr. Suhaila Abdul Hamid
  • SYNOPSIS: During the 2015 Budget presentation, the government has announced that FAMA will execute programs for young agropreneurs whose monthly income exceeds RM5,000. At that point of time, it is estimated around 1,200 young agropreneurs will take part in the program. Aligned with the government efforts to create more entrepreneurs and motivate young graduates to be self-employed, this module is developed to expose entrepreneurs especially agropreneurs, with tax and zakat knowledge. It is hoped the knowledge that they obtain from this short course will help them in their business undertakings.


  • PROGRAM: Financial Management for Small Business and Micro
  • DURATION: 2 Days
  • INSTRUCTOR / FACILITATOR: Dr. Ainul Ashikin Marzuki & Dr Norhaziah Nawai
  • SYNOPSIS: The course is targeted at small and micro businesses that manage business finances. The course is divided into four parts which identifies your business, financial management, preparation of financial statements and the preparation of business plans. This course introduces participants to the workshop on the importance of their business to Malaysia's economic development, the importance of financial management, preparing financial records, financial analysis and financial planning in a systematic way. In addition, participants were exposed to a way to grow the business and how to get funding. Finally, participants will be exposed to how to create a business plan.
  • PROGRAM: Waqf Beyond Charity : Way Forward
  • DURATION: 2 Days
  • INSTRUCTOR / FACILITATOR: Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohammad Hj. Alias & Dr. Fuadah Johari
  • SYNOPSIS: The course provides an understanding of waqf from contemporary perspectives. This course is divided into three parts. (a) Global view – comparative analysis between past and current practices; (b) Waqf governance and management – the legal and institutional framework; and (c) Contemporary and innovative waqf financing instruments - the way forward. Participants will be exposed to certain basic skills that are required in order to manage charity contributions effectively and productively satisfying the dual objectives viz. the intentions of the waqf and socioeconomic development of the Ummah. In essence the course will cover the whole spectrum of waqf management activities including fiqh of waqf, waqf beyond charity as to strengthen the understanding on waqf, waqf financing and planning imperatives.


  • PROGRAM: Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs
  • DURATION: 2 Days
  • INSTRUCTOR / FACILITATOR: Dr. Khairil Faizal Khairi
  • SYNOPSIS: Knowing how to finance assets, forecast future cash flow, maintain a budget, determine which operations are profit generators and which are not, and judge the real economic merits of different investment opportunities will help you stay competitive in business and turn a profit. The course will explain what you need to know to be an intelligence consumer of financial information, to plan and to use financial concepts in making better business decisions. Further, this two days course provides the fundamentals of financial literacy and gives you the smart advice you need to increase your impact on financial planning, budgeting and forecasting.
In-House at USIM: RM 750 per person/per day
Outstation: RM 850 per person/per day
International: USD 250
* Lecture hall and meals for participant are only included for classes at USIM Nilai Campus, organizer for the said organizations/institution must provide the above if conducted outside USIM Nilai Campus
* Other incurring costs to be negotiated.
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